Grade XI NEB Syllabus – German Language Syllabus

German Language Syllabus


The aim of offering German Language Syllabus subject is to give the 10+2 students a chance to learn a second foreign language within their secondary education.


Disclaimer: This is the old syllabus of NEB.
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German Language Syllabus
Full marks: 100
Teaching hours: 150 
I. Introduction
The aim of offering German Language Syllabus subject is to give the 10+2 students a chance to learn a second foreign language within their secondary education. Foreign language learning and especially the study of German is an excellent tool for increasing the intellectual ability of the learner, widening of the horizon of general knowledge and providing him/her with more chances in his/her professional career and life as a whole.
II.      General Objectives
The general objectives of German Language Syllabus consist ‘of the acquisition of basic knowledge of modern every day Germany by the adolescent learner. The learner gains the skills of reading, understanding, speaking and writing German in an elementary way.
III.  Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the German Language Syllabus are to enable the student to communicate in German from the very beginning and throughout the course. The systematics of the German language is secondary to the training for communicative purposes. The Grammatical terminology is based on traditional models.
IV.   Course Contents

In an integrated approach, the course includes the acquisition of
     Word power (approx. 1200 words)
     Syntactic Structures for
     identifying and naming persons, objects: and abstracts
     greeting and introducing
     asking questions
     giving information about oneself and other persons
     passing an invitation
     you forms
     orientation in space and time
     counting and calculating
     affirmation and negation
     addressing and requesting
     expressing feelings of liking, disliking, and indifference
     expressing rejection and persuasion
     expressing joy and regret praise and blame
     describing qualities
     making comparisons
     making a choice
     reasoning and judgment (personal and objective)
     Selected basic information about Germany and German
     Speaking countries (geography, history, literature, music and the arts, society)
Number of Teaching Units 180= 150 hours
V.      Prescribed textbooks
Course book : Pingpong I Max Hueber: Miinchen 1993 2 Cassettes Exercise book: Pingpong I Arbeitsbuch Max Hueber: Miinchen 1992 Pingpong I Glossar Deutsch-Englisch Max Hueber: Miinchen 1993 or
Wolfgang Hieber Lernziel Deutsch Max Hueber Verlag, (Recommended Text Book for Stds MXII by the Maharastra State Board of Secondry and Higher Secondary Education, Pune) Published in India by German Book Centre 32, Second Main Road, C.I.T. East, Madras 600 035, 1990.
VI.   Reference books
      Map of Germany or Map of Central Europe
      Duden Band 1 Die deutsche Rechtschreihung Dudenverlag 1998
      Langenscheidts      Handworterbuch     Deutsch/Englisch        Enghsch/Deutsch    1998, Helbig/Buscha Deutsche Grammatik Langenscheidt 1998
      H.F. Wendt Kurzgrammatik Deutsch Langenscheidt/Goy 1 Saab: Delhi 1996 Haussermann ann Sprachkurs Deutsch Band 1, Diesterweg./GoO Saab:.Delhi 1998 Braun/Nieder/Schmoc Deutsch als Fremdsprache IA Klett
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