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French Language Syllabus


French Language Syllabus comprises a brief study of French sounds together with other aspects of the language for communication.


Disclaimer: This is the old syllabus of NEB.
For 2076 Upadted syllabus with PDF download option,



French Language Syllabus
Full marks: 100
Teaching hours: 150 
I. introduction
French Language Syllabus course of study of French is designed for students on the assumption that they start learning it from the very beginning. Therefore, it comprises a brief study of French sounds together with other aspects of the language for communication.
II.      General Objectives
The present course mention on French Language Syllabus aims at learning the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening for basic communication purposes.
III.  Specific Objectives
 The specific objectives of  French Language Syllabus are:
1. to impart the basic vocabulary and grammar of French to beginners. 
2. to help the students communicate in simple French 
3. to help them write simple and complex sentences.
4.                  to teach them to write informal letters
5.                  to teach them to describe and narrate places, animals, people, festivals and events 
IV. Course Contents

1.      French sounds
2.      Indefinite, definite and partite articles, their numbers and genders.
3.      Nouns, their numbers, and genders.
4.      Pronouns: personal, possessive, demonstrative, relative, indefinite, interrogative, their numbers, and genders.
5.      Verbs: present, past, future tense of the indicative mood, infinitive, imperative, present tense of conditional, reflexive and non-reflexive and the three groups of verbs
6.      Adjectives: qualificative, possessive, demonstrative, indefinite, interrogative
7.      Adverbs
8.      Prepositions
9.      Agreements
V. Prescribed textbooks
    I. G. Mauger, Cours de Langue et de Civillisation Francaise I
Reference books
1.  G. Mauger, Gmmmaire Francaise
2.  Collins. French -English, English- French Dictionary
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