NEB Syllabus 2076 Updated Version Download

NEB Syllabus 2076 Updated Version Download

NEB Syllabus 2076 Updated Version Download

NEB Syllabus 2076 updated version is unveiled by NG(Nepal Government) and NEB(National Examination Board) that will effective from 2076 B.S. This is the Great Step toward the modern international standard education system. From the upcoming session Ministry of Education, NEB(National Examination Board) and Nepal Government combinedly decide to remove the faculty system and to maintain the standard of education science and technology subjects are added as compulsory subjects for grades 11 and 12.


Previously (Before NEB Syllabus 2076 updates) grade 11 and 12 study falls under higher secondary level but now +2 education is included in school level and the name of the board is changed from HSEB(Higher Secondary Education Board) to NEB(National Examination Board).

NG and NEB divided the whole curriculum (NEB Syllabus 2076) into 5 groups and named as Secondary School curriculum 2076. This is NEB grade 11 new syllabus and NEB grade 12 new syllabus previously called HSEB syllabus. They are


New NEB Syllabus 2076  Group List

Group 1:Compulsory Subjects NEB Syllabus 2076

Includes: Compulsory English Syllabus, Compulsory Nepali Syllabus, Science and Technology Syllabus, Social Studies Syllabus, and Jeevan Upayogi Shiksha Syllabus

Group 2: Optional Subject, First sets NEB Syllabus 2076

Includes: Physics Syllabus, Principle of Accounting syllabus, Rural Development Syllabus, Health and Physical Education Syllabus, Child Development and Learning Syllabus, Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation Syllabus, Psychology Syllabus, Naturopathy Syllabus

Group 3: Optional Subject, Second sets NEB Syllabus 2076

Includes: Chemistry Syllabus, Geography Syllabus, Sociology Syllabus, Ayurveda Syllabus, Business Studies Syllabus, Population Studies Syllabus, Dance Syllabus, Computer Science Syllabus

Group 4: Optional Subject, Third sets NEB Syllabus 2076

Includes: Biology Syllabus, Economics Syllabus, Travel and Tourism Syllabus, Marketing Syllabus, Yoga Syllabus, Sanskrit Syllabus, English(Optional) Syllabus

Group 5: Optional Subject, Forth sets NEB Syllabus 2076

Includes: Mathematics Syllabus, Business Mathematics Syllabus, Environmental Science Syllabus, Basic Business Finance Syllabus, Buddhism Syllabus, Mass Communication, and Journalism Syllabus

Group 6: Sanskrit NEB Syllabus 2076

Includes: Sanskrit Literature Syllabus, Sanskrit Grammar Syllabus, Sanskrit Language Syllabus, Four Vedas, Sanskrit Composition, and more

Downloads all 6 groups NEB Updated Syllabus 2076 from the G-drive link below.

Group 1: Compulsory Subjects

Group 1 PDF Click here

This Group pdf especially contains NEB Compulsory subjects syllabus for grades 11 and 12 like Nepali, English, Science, and technology, and so on.

Group 2: Optional  Subjects, First sets

Group 2 PDF Click here

Third Group: Optional Subjects, Second sets

Group 3 PDF Click here

Forth Group: Optional Subjects, Third Sets

Group 4 PDF Click here

Fifth Group: Optional Subjects, Fourth Sets

Group 5 PDF Click here

Syllabus Group 2,3,4,5 pdf especially contains the syllabus of optional subjects that mention in the above pdf.

Group 6: Sanskrit 

Group 6 PDF Click here


If you need All Collection of updated NEB Syllabus 2076 

Gdrive link Click here

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