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This NEB Major English Syllabus is designed for Nepali students taking this in their Grade XI/XII and want to make a career, especially in Teaching fields. Grade XI NEB Syllabus


Disclaimer: This is the old syllabus of NEB.
For 2076 Upadted syllabus with PDF download option,

Grade XI NEB Syllabus – NEB Major English Syllabus




Full Marks: 100
Teaching Hours: 150 

Introduction of NEB Major English Syllabus

This Major English Syllabus is designed for non-Nepali students taking Grade XI/XII. It is offered in lieu of Compulsory Nepali and carries 100 marks. It aims at introducing various aspects of Nepal and Nepalese life, culture, religion, history, geography, politics, languages, and literature to non-Nepali students.

General Objectives of NEB Major English Syllabus

The general objectives of the Major English Syllabus are;
a.To impart the knowledge of Nepali history, geography, culture, religion, politics, society, language, literature, and tourism, through the English language, and,
b.To develop the students’ language proficiency through various task-based activities.

Specific Objectives of NEB Major English Syllabus

On completion of the Major English  course, the students will be able: appreciate the culture, religion, history, and geography of Nepal through various language exercises such as essays, summaries, and compositions discuss various aspects of Nepali society, government, and travel and tourism in the development of Nepal develop reading and writing skills and enrich their vocabulary and the grammatical structures pertinent to the text prescribed.

Course Contents of NEB Major English Syllabus

The contents of the Major English Syllabus will be spread over selections under each heading.

1.History of Nepal -18 hrs. (12 marks)


2.      Geography of Nepal -12 hrs. (8 marks)


3.      Culture/Religion -24 hrs. (16 marks)

          Food and dress
          Thread ceremony

4.      Performing Arts -18 hrs. (12 marks)


5.      Society and Government -30 hrs. (20 marks)


6.      Language and Literature -30 hrs. (20 marks)

          Origin of the Nepali language
          Standardization of the Nepali Language
          Languages of Nepal
          Origin of Nepali literature
          Modern Nepali literature

7.      Travel & Tourism -18 hrs. (12 marks)

          Tourist Places
          Rafting, safari, trekking, mountaineering


    Reading  (35%)
 (Comprehension of the passages, +short question + Long Questions) (5×2=10+5×3=15+10×1=10)
    Writing  (35%)
(Essay + Summary +Composition) (15+10+10)
    Grammar  (20%)
    Vocabulary  (10%)

Prescribed Textbook of NEB Major English

“A course in Alternative English” HSEB. Sanothimi.


Reference Books of NEB Major English 

1.      Subedi, A,2044, Nepali Literature: Background and History, Sajha Prakashan, Kathmandu.
2.      Bista, D.B., 1998, The People of Nepal, Ratna, Pustak Bhandar.
3.      Hurt, M., 1998, Modern Literary Nepali: An Introductory Reader.
4.      ……. Nepal Travelers (magazine)
5.      Shah, R., Heroes and Builders of Nepal, Delhi OUP. (Footnotes)


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