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Grade XI Japanese language syllabus based on NEB(National Examination Board)


Disclaimer: This is the old syllabus of NEB.
For 2076 Upadted syllabus with PDF download option,

Japanese language Syllabus
Full marks: 100
Teaching hours: 150
l. Introduction
i. Elementary Japanese Language Course 
ii. Origin of Japanese Language iii.  Types of Scripts
iv. Importance of Japanese Language
II.      General Objectives
a)      To give general concepts about the Japanese Language.
b)      To make the students read, write and converse in simple Japanese Language.
c)      To give a general introduction to Japanese culture and society.
III.  Specific Objectives
i.        To give specific ideas of Japanese characters ( fEragana, Katakana and Kanji) 
ii. To give specific ideas of Japanese grammar.
iii. To give some ideas about Japanese culture and society
IV.   Course Contents
1.            Greetings
2.            Introduction
3.            In the reception
4.            In the departmental store
5.            Schedule

6.            Take a train
7.            Go to a film
8.            Gifts
9.            Visiting centers
10.        Sickness/ illness
11.        Asking the way
12.        At the post office
13.        Travel/ Journey
14.        Outing
15.        ln the camera shop
16.        Family
17.        Visiting restaurants
18.        Factory visit
19.        Ski
20.        Visiting friends & relatives
21.        Party
22.        Meeting
23.        After work
24.        Vending machine
25.        Japanese language study
26.        End of the training
V.      Prescribe
1.            Shin Nihongono Kiso Part 1
2.            Basic Kanji Book Vol I (L 1-10)
VI.   Reference
1.      Tokuhon I
2.      Modern Japanese
3.      Shokyu Nihongo
4.      Nihongono Kiso I 5.Yansan to Nihonno hitobito.
6.      Japanese for beginners.
7.      Audio+ Video- Shin Nihongono Kiso I
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