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Bloodshot Movie Review Vin Diesel Movies

Bloodshot Movie Review
Bloodshot Movie Review Vin Diesel Movies

Bloodshot Film Rotten Tomatoes review 

I realize that Bloodshot movie 2020 has a really bad rotten tomatoes score but I liked it. I’m giving it a fresh tomato and the hard truth even diesel is that most of his movies are rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even the ones that I think some of us, not all of us, but some of us, you know who you are would consider pretty darn good. And I have to say the press screening and this has just become it’s just a normal at this point. It happens that every press screening I go to for a Vin Diesel movie the press laugh at the movie during it. And sometimes Vin Diesel laughs all the way to the bank but sometimes he does it.

I’m not sure all happened with the Bloodshot movie, especially with the coronavirus situation. But I can tell you that outside of his Fast and Furious movies this is probably the best movie that Vin Diesel has ever made. I think it’s even better, it’s in the same vein as his um you know his Riddick movies but it has a much bigger budget and I think it’s better made, it’s just better on every level. 

Best of Michael Bay Creation

I really thought it was a good film. I mean yeah the first 15minutes are pretty silly and seem like a bad Michael Bay ripoff or a current Michael Bay movie. But that’s you discover that that’s intentional. once the Bloodshot movie really gets going and reveals itself to be what it truly is, I’d say its more of a throwback to the movies that made Michael Bay famous like remember the island? did you like the island? I liked the island and I think it even really holds up.

But you know what that Rotten Tomatoes score is 40%, just kind of show you a pattern developing here and Bloodshot movie is a lot like the island. In fact, which I think is a very big credit to the director David SF Wilson. Whos making his directorial debut in movies after working extensively in the VFX category on both videogames and movies at blur studios, right like this guy is really good. I thought he did a phenomenal job delivering Bloodshot film.

Genre Rights of Bloodshot Movie

Yeah bloodshot like all Vin Diesel movies are not for everyone but if you like comics sci-fi and/or anime, I think you’re gonna at least enjoy Bloodshot movie. I’m not saying you’re gonna love it be like its the best movie of May 2020 but it certainly is again one of the best Vin Diesel movies ever made.  I really thought it was good, it’s very satisfying. whats satisfying about it is it has all the staples of that type of entertainment Comics sci-fi anime (it contains bloodshot comic value so it is based on valiant comics films) but executed incredibly well from the acting to the VFX to things that are usually not very good in this type of movie. I particularly liked it because it actually reminded me of an action movie by way of Epcot right Epcot. I just had that future world theme park looking toward the future vibe. 

Super Solders

I thought it was fun and we have not just one but several super soldiers and all of their action scenes including the use of their Bionic parts are not only believable but cleverly executed. Also, the movie ups the ante in other ways, for instance, there’s, that big pivotal action scene, that we’ve seen in the trailers and that’s not snow, that’s flour added to the mix right and it really makes the scene. Even more visually interesting and you wouldn’t think you’d need to plus a scene, where your hero lead can rebuild his face in mid-fight. But this movie goes for it, I’m trying to operate on multiple levels and I respect it for that.

The script of  Bloodshot Movie

A lot of the credit of the cleverness of the film goes to the screenwriters and one, in particular, is Eric Heiser ER. I think it’s pretty darn cool to have the sole screenwriter. who did lights out arrival and bird box on this movie. Again I think that there’s a Vin Diesel bias with reviewers because I think if they’ve paid more attention to that credit maybe they like maybe. I shouldn’t be so fast to write it off you shouldn’t. I think it’s very very good for what it is that’s a big Pete pet peeve I have. 

I know some of you do as well the people don’t understand their different types of movies they shouldn’t they don’t all go against the same measuring stick. alright, I guess, I guess except for like you right but everyone is their own unique little measuring stick for movies all right. So that’s, why we pay so much attention to the box office. May be of the final action scene, is a bit over the top but I thought the VFX look better in the actual movie than they have in the trailers. Maybe they got a check time to fix them. But also at that point, I was so invested in this story, I just felt that scene held up, I really enjoyed it. I enjoy the European settings but not Europe on a budget as they so often do this type of movie. It was just a nice change of pace and while the trailers do give away the twist right. I was still impressed with this movie’s ability to surprise me several times they still managed to hop there’s still some misdirection the trailer and about trailers by the way.

The acting of Bloodshot Movie

finally but certainly not least the acting, I know and it’s so important that the cast not only takes this movie very seriously nobody here is collecting a paycheck or just collecting a paycheck, of course, they’re getting paid. But they also have a comic book anime(history of valiant comics) look to them which really helps sell that kind of a story. Vin Diesel is right but he delivers some absurd lines really well like. I laughed sometimes at how well his lines were delivered. I was like that’s hilarious in, you really sold that and his character has some really interesting things to say about how jarheads aren’t respected by others. 

And I liked that part of the movie and it actually echoes how reviewers are treating this movie. Guy Pearce is excellent with a really cool biotic armlamorne. Morris whos American is doing an amazing Stephen Merchant impression like a Feeny. I would suspect he actually did model the character after Stephen Merchant and did a fantastic job sam. Hugin is an excellent budget alexander skarsgård at many points in the movie even sounding exactly like alexander skarsgård and his in his inflection and tone and even the voice itself like sometimes. His character will say something off-screen, you don’t see him you just hear his voice and you’ll be like the man that sounds like Alexander Skarsgard. Toby Kebbell has a hilarious scene that he nails what a gift to an actor and Isaac Gonzalez, finally gets to be front and center and knocks it out of the park. she not only looks like she stepped right off of the comic book page but she earns her spot as a nuanced character with great emotional scenes and action scenes.

Conclusion of Bloodshot Movie

So I had fun as you can see and I think you would, you’ll know if you’re the type of person who would also have fun with this sort of movie. I also think that due to the type of film that it is and the coronavirus situation right now. Down the line, a lot of people have to discover the movie then right and when they do watch it when you do eventually watch this movie the time will come you’ll be bored you’ll be looking for something to watch and you’ll be like huh that’s pretty darn good the critics just aren’t fair to poor Vin Diesel. so that’s my review of Bloodshot Movie 2020.

Please share your own thoughts down below in a comment section and of course, as always you can check out some more review articles right now.

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