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Maithili syllabus


Maithili is an Indo-Aryan language native to the Indian subcontinent, mainly spoken in India and Nepal.


Disclaimer: This is the old syllabus of NEB.
For 2076 Upadted syllabus with PDF download option,

PlR5s d}lynL
sIff !!
k”0ff{ªs M !))
kf7oef/ M !%)
kf7of+z zLif{s M dl}ynL Jofs/0f, /rgf, lnlk Pj+ syf ;flxTo
!= kf7of+z kl/ro M 
d}lynL /fi6«s ;e;Fu k|frLg, ;d[4 Pj+ ;d’Ggt ;flxTo cl5 . Pj+ g]kfns /fi6«efiff g]kfnLs kZrft ;e;] clws nf]s 4f/f afhn hfPjfn efiff cl5 . ctPj O{ kf7of+z pRr dfWolds :t/d] cWoog/t ljBfyL{ nf]slgs]+ d}lynL efiffs Jofs/0f, /rgflnlk Pj+ syf tyf pkGof; cflbs ;fdfGo kl/ro, ljj]rg, ljsf;j|mds ;+ulx /rgfsf/ nf]slgs ;+lIfKt ;flxlTos kl/ro b]afs p2]Zo;F ljifo j:ts’ , ;dfj]z sP lgld{t e]n cl5 . 
@= ;fdfGo p2]Zo
Plx;F d}lynL efiff cf] ;flxTos 1fg e ;st} cl5 .
#= ljlzi6 p2]Zo
Plx kf7oj|md cWoogs kZrft ljBfyL nf]slg lgDg tYo ;e;]F cjut xf]Ptfx M
1.   d}lynL Jofs/0f ;DaGwf] ljifos ;fdfGo klro;F .
2.   d}lyL afhj, k9s j cf lnv+afs n]n cfjZos sf}zn;F
3.   syf Pj+ pkGof;s ;fdfGo kl/ro;F
4.  lgwf{l/t syff Pj + pkGof;s ljZn]if0f s/afd] Pj+ tflxd] cfPn JofVo]o c+zs JofVof Pj+ ljj]rg s/afs 1fg;F
5.  syf Pj+ pkGof;s ljsf;j|md;F kf7of+z ljj/0f
-s_ Jofs/0f                                              c+sef/  !)
1.    ;+1f       6. sfn
2.   ;j{gfd    7. jfRo
3.    sf/s     8. tl4t
4.   ljz]if0f    9. s[bGt
5.   lj|mof      10. ;df;
v_ /rgf                        
1.    ljk/Ltfy{ zAb
2.   kof{ojfrL zAb
3.    zAb o’Ud
4.   cg]s zAbsn]n Ps zAb
5.   nf]sf]lQm Pj+ df]xfj/f
6.    lgaGws :j?ks kl/ro lgaGw n]vgs cEof;
c+sef/     !%
-u_ lnkL                        
b]jgfu/L lnlkd] lnvn c+zs ldlynfIf/ d] k’gn]{vg
c+sef/       %
-3_ syf                        
c+sef/ $)
1.          syfs kl/ro
2.         d}lynL cfw’lgs syfs ljsf;j|mds kl/ro
3.          lgwf{l/t syfsf/;alxs ;+lIfKt ;flxlTos kl/ro

4.         x’gsf nf]slgs syf;alxs ;fdfGo ljj]rgf Pj+ cf]lx;eg] cfPn ljlzi6 dflds{ c+zs JofVof lgwf{l/t c+z
!= g]kfnLo d}lynL pTs[i6 uNk ;+u|x M ;Dkfbs ;/’]Gb| nfe ;F
     -c_ wL/]Gb|            M bfbL dfF
   -cf_ e’jg]Zj/ kfy]o           M kfFr kq
  -O_ /fd e/f]; sfkl8s e|d/  M Ohf]l/of /ft’s ;kgf
@= d}lynL syf ;+u|x M ;+= cd/]z kf7s Pj+ cGo+ ;F
   -c_ s’= u+ufgGb l;+x
   -cf_ xl/df]xg emf
    kfFr kq
   -O_ uf]ljGb emf 
   ;fdfs kft} L
   -O{_ dgdf]xg emf 
    -p_ nlnt    
  -pm_ ;’efifrGb| ofbj
d}lynL pkGof;   
c+sef/ #)
1.          pkGof;s kl/ro
2.         cfw’lgs pkGof;s ljsf;j|mds kl/ro
3.          lgwf{l/t pkGof;sf/s ;flxlTos kl/ro
4.         lgwf{l/t pkGof;s ;fdfGo Pj+ cf]lxd] cfPn ljlzi6 JofVoo] c+zs JofVof Pj+ ljZn]if0f 5. wL/]Gb|s pkGof; M ef]?sjf, ;fwgf k|sfzg M nf]xgf, dw’jgL kf7o k’:ts M
1.    o’u]Zj/ emf M d}lynL Jofs/0f cf] /rgf, ef/tL ejg, k6gf .
2.   d}lynL csfbdL, k6gf M d}lynL afn kf]yL .
3.    ;+= cd/]z kf7s Pj+ cGo  d}lynL syf ;+u|x, d}ynL csfbdL, k6gf .
4.   ;’/]Gb| nfe M g]kfnLo d}lynL pTs[i6 uNk, d}lynL ;flxTo k|sfzg ;+:yfg hgsk’/wfd .
5.   wL/]Gb| M ef]?sjf, ;fwgf k|sfzg M nf]xgf, dw’jgL .
1. d}lynL ;flxTos Oltxf; M b’uf{gfy emf >Lz, ef/tL k’:ts s]Gb|, b/e+uf . 
2. ;flxTo kl/ro M ef]nfgfy emf, d}ynL csfbdL, k6gf 
3. kl/rflosf M eLdgfy emf, ejfgL k|sfzg, k6gf .        
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