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+2 dance syllabus
dance syllabus
 A Dance is a series of steps and movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music.


Disclaimer: This is the old syllabus of NEB.
For 2076 Upadted syllabus with PDF download option,

Grade XI NEB Syllabus- Dance Syllabus
ljifo M g[To
sIff !!
k”0ff{ªs M !)) 
kf7oef/ M !%) -;}4flGts @%±k|of]ufTds &%_
!=! kf7of+z kl/ro
of] kf7of+z pRr dfWolds txdf cWoog ug]{ ljByL{x¿sf nflu g[Tox¿sf] kl/ro ljlzi6Ls/0ftkm{ cled”v u/fpg /flvPsf] xf] .
1.   g[To ljifo lng] lzIffyL{x¿n] gk] fn clw/fHoel/sf s]xL r’lgPsf s’g} nf]sg[To, g]kfnL zf:qLo g[To dWo]sf -s_ rof{ z}nLsf s]xL g[Tox¿, zf:qLo g[TodWo] -s_ ef/t gf6od -v_ sTys ljifo lnP/ cWoog ug{ ;Sg]5g .
2.   x/]s kqsf] ;}4flGts kIfdf k”0ff{ªs @% / k|of]ufTds kIfdf k”0ff{ªs @% x’g]5 .
3.   ;}4flGts kIfnfO{ -s_ / k|of]ufTds kIfnfO { -v_ ul/Psf] 5 .
4.  pko'{St @ gDa/sf] c+sdf g]=nf]ssf] ;}4flGtsdf * g]= zf:qLodf ( e/t gf6o d cyjf sTys ( hDdf @% lbOPsf] 5 . k|of]ufTds tLgj6} g[Tox¿nfO{ @$, @$, @&Ö&% ul/Psf] 5 . @=@ kf7oj|mdsf] kl/ro tyf p2]Zo M
;fwf/0f pbb]Zo M
-s_ g[Tosnfsf] 1fg tT;DaGwL l;4fGtsf] kl/ro u/fpg] .
-v_ plNnlvt s]xL gk] fnL nf]s gfr, g]kfnL zf:qLo g[Tox¿ .
-u_ e/t gf6od cyjf / sTys g[Tox¿sf] 1fg xfl;n u/fpg] . -3_ g[Tosnfk|lt ljBfyL{df :j:y / ;sf/fTds efjgfsf] ljsf; u/fpg] .
ljlzi6 pbb]Zo M
-s_ lzIffyL{x¿nfO{ lnlvt tyf df}lvs ?kdf ;}4flGts ?kdf ;}4flGts tyf Pl]txfl;s kIfsf] pRr k|f/lDes 1fg lnlvt tyf df}lvs ?kdf cleJNoSt ug { ;Sg] u/fpg] .
-v_ g[Tosf] lgldTt cfjZos k|f/lDes ;Lkx¿sf ] k|bz{g ug{ ;Sg] u/fpg] .
-u_ lgwf{l/t g[Tox¿sf] pRr k|fl/De:t/sf ] 1fg lbnfpg] .
-3_ kf7of+zdf k/]sf a’Fbfx¿ cWoog kl5 k/LIffdf lgw{Ss ;Fu a;L k|Zgf]Tt/ lbgfsf ;fy } k|bz{g ug{ ;Sg] t’Nofpg] .
k|of]ufTds k/LIff lnFbf M

-s_ cfGtl/s k/LIfsnfO{                                    #*
-v_ afXo k/LIfsnfO{                                        #&
-!_ g]=nf]= g[Todf ;}=                                          @!±k|=*Ö@$
-@_ g]=zf= g[Todf ;}=                                          @!±k|=*Ö@$        
-#_ e/t gf6od jf sTys g[Todf ;}=                        @#±k|=(Ö@&
-s_ ;}4flGts k/LIffsf] @% df pTtL0ff{ªs * x’g]5 . -v_ k|of]ufTds k/LIffsf] &% df pTtL0ff{ªs @& x’g]5 .
                                         hDdf #%
-!_ g]=nf]= g[Todf ;}=ef/           @$ sf] sIff @$ k|=ef/ * sf] sIff @$ hDdf sIff $*
-@_ g]kfnL g[Todf ;}=ef/         @$ sf ] sIff @$ k|=ef/ * sf] sIff @$ hDdf sIff @*
-#_ e=gf= /STys g[Todf ;}=ef/ @& sf] sIff @& k|=ef/ ( sf] sIff @& hDdf sIff %$
                                         &%             &%                     &%             !%)
;}4flGts g[To M
%= kf7o ljifoj:t’ ljj/0f M
!= zLif{s M g]kfnL nf]sg[Tox¿ -c_ j;Gt w’g -gfr_ -cf_ emofp/] gfr -O_ ;]a|’ gfr / -O{_ lwdfn gfr .
@= g]kfnL zf:qLo rof{ g[To
-u_ zf]8k nf:o -v_ d~h’>L -u_ cfo{tf/f
#= zLif{s M zf:qLo g[Tox¿ M
-s_ e/t gf6od
         -c_ ljleGg c8ffgx¿ ^ gDa/;Dd -#@_
         -cf_ hlt:j/dÖ /fu–tf]8L, hflt–lt>, tfn–Ps, dfqf–tLg
-v_ sTys g[To
         -c_ tTsf/, lqtfn–ljnlDat, dWo / b’|tf_
         -cf_ tf]8f /
         -O_ ;nfdL tf]8f -lqtfn_
ljifo ;”rLsf] v08x¿
kT| o]s PsfOnfO{ ;do jf sIf ljefhg
ljleGg nf]sgfrdWo] M -c_ nf]sgfrsf] kl/ro
-cf_ nf]s tyf zf:qLo g[Tosf] e]b 
-O_ j;Gt wgg[Tosf] uLt, af]n / tfnsf] kl/ro
-O{_ emofp/] gfrsf] uLt, af]n / tfnsf] kl/ro
-p_ ;]a|’ gfrsf] uLt, af]n / tfnsf] kl/ro
-pm_ lwdfn gfrsf] uLt, af]n / tfnsf] kl/ro
-P_ kl/eflifs zAbx¿
u’?, u/f{, no, df?gL, k’?;’ªu], dfbn] / e6pfog] -P]_ nf]sgfrdf k|of]u x’g] s]xL afhfsf] kl/or M ltG5′, dfbn, 6’ªgf, vLF, klZrdf 9f]n
g]kfnL zf:qLo g[TodWo] M  -c_ zf:qLo g[Tosf] kl/ro
-cf_ g]kfndf g[To gf6o k/Dk/fsf] ;+lIfKt emns
-O_ zf:qLo g[Tosf] kl/efiff / k|sf/
-O{_ g[Tosf] pTklt / hLjg;Fu o;sf] ;DaGw
-p_ zf]8if nf:o kl/ro, cK;/f
-pm_ dGh’>L g[Tosf] kl/ro
-P_ cfo{tf/f g[Tosf] kl/ro
zf:qLo g[To
-c_ g[Tof]kof]uL c+u k|Toªu / pkfªu
-cf_ k|fy{gf / k’ikf~hnL
-O_ kfqsf] nIf0f
-O{_ clegosf e]bx¿
-p_ b]jb]jLx¿sf] lrgf/L
-pm_ c;+o’St tyf ;+o’St x:td’b|f %!x¿
-P_ tfn, dfqf, no, ;d, tfnL, VofnL, e/L, ljefu, cfj[lt cªu, rfFk -3’F3¿_
-P]_ yfx b’ug’ , rf}u’g, lqtfn, hflt
-cf]_ /ªud~r, k|sfz, >[ªuf/ / e]ife”iff .
-cf}_ -s_ e/tgf6od M ljleGg c8fgx¿ hltZj/d .
-v_ sTys M tTsf/, tf]8f / ;nfdL tf]8f .
ljifo ;”rLsf] v08x¿sf] cEof;
sIff ljefhg
nf]sg[Tosf] cEof;
-c_ nf]sgfrsf] kb tyf cªu k|Toªusf] ;+rfng
-cf_ j;Gtgfrsf] uLt, af]n, tfn ;d]tsf] cEof;
-O_ emofp/] gfrsf] uLt, tfn, af]n;d]tsf] cEof;
-O{_ ;]j|’gfrsf] uLt, tfn, af]n;d]tsf] cEof;
-p_ lwdfn gfrsf] uLt, tfn, af]n;d]tsf] cEof;
g]nfL zf:qLo g[Todf
-c_ g[Tof]kof]uL kb tyf c+u k|To+usf] cEof;

-cf_ iff]8; nf:osf] d’b|f;lxtsf] cEof;
-O_ cfo{tf/f cK;/f g[Tosf] tfn af]n ;lxtsf] cEof;
-O{_ d~h’>L g[Tosf] uLt, :j/, tfn, af]n;lxtsf] cEof;
zf:qLo g[To
-c_ g[Tokof]uL c+u k|To+ux¿sf] cEof;
-cf_ c;+o’St / ;o+ ‘St x:td’b| -%!_ x¿sf] cEof;
-O_ kfFr} hfltcg’;f/ Pstfsf] cEof;
-O{_ c8fg g+= ^ ;Dd -#@_ sf] yfx / b’u’gdf cEof;
-p_ tf]8L hlt :j/dsf] :j/;lxxtsf] cEof;
-s_ e/t gf6od z}nLdWo]
-v_ sTys M
-c_ sTys z}nLsf] x:t / cf+lus cEof; -cf_ tTsf/ lqtfn yfx, b’u’g . rf}u’g / kN6fsf] cEof;
-pm_ ;fwf/0f tf8} f !) j6fsf] cEof;
-P_ ;nfdL tf]8f ! j6fsf] cEof;
;Gbe{ k’:tsx¿ M
1.        sTys g[To, >L nIdLgf/fo0f uu{, !(^)
2.       ef/tLo g[Tosnf, >L s]zjrGb| jdf{
3.        clego bk{0f, ;+=k|f= cg’jfbs d[u]Gb|dfg l;+x k|wfg, @)##
4.       g[Tosnf -;+o’St_ k|f=d[u]Gb|dfg l;+x, @)#&
5.       g]kfnL afhf kbz{gL, ;+=8f= rGb|k|;fb ufv] f{nL, k|f=tn;L lbj; ;+ /fdz/0f bnf{g @)#$
6.        u’?ªu hflt tyf ;+:s[lt, >L hudfg u’?ªu, @)#$
7.       lwdfn nf]swd{ / ;+:s[lt, k|f= t’n;L lbj;, @)#(
8.       g]kfn nf]jfB ;+uLt ;+uf]i7L, g]=/f=k|=k|= g]kfn !.!(.!!.!).)$&
9.       g]kfnL ;+uLt ;fws, /fdz/0f bgfn{
10.    g]kfnsf] g[To lzIff k4lt, s’df/k;| bf bz{g, @)%$
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