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Will A Huge Asteroid Hit the Earth in April 2020? | NASA | 29 April 2020

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     So far every month of 2020 has brought some new disaster hopefully things start going back to normal soon but there’s always a chance that 2020 will continue to outdo, itself with each passing month. what could we expect for April will terminators come back from the future to enslave humanity will aliens arrive to farm us for food actually it turns out that if there is any movie.

   April of 2020 could take note from its Armageddon a huge asteroid will fly by Earth on April 29th, 2020. The spaces rock which is officially named asteroid 5 – 7 6 8 is approximately four kilometers wide making it about half the size of Mount Everest. it’s so massive that the center for near-Earth object studies labeled it as a potentially hazardous object is a substantial piece of rock. especially, when considering that average asteroids only measure a few feet in diameter will this be the icing on the cake for 2020 will humanity go out like the dinosaurs. let’s find out asteroid 5 – 7 6 8 was actually discovered back in 1998. researchers have kept an eye on it over the last few decades and it will be making its next approach to our planet later this year. so what would happen if the asteroid were to make contact research suggests that if an asteroid is at least 1 kilometer in diameter then it will cause a level of destruction that is incomparable to any human-made weapon and remember this asteroid is 4 kilometers in diameter. 

Society would know immediately if a world-ending asteroid was imminent people would be able to see the asteroid approaching even during the daytime reverberation this could be felt all over the planet. the asteroid would be so hot when it entered the atmosphere, that forest fires would spontaneously occur many people would instantly lose their lives from essentially being cooked alive by the intense heat. Now emanating throughout the atmosphere if the asteroid hit a massive land it would throw up enough debris and dust to block out the sun for at least one year. plants would begin to die and slowly there would be less and less food for what’s left of humanity to eat. In the event, the asteroid struck the ocean it would create tidal waves that would completely submerge entire coastlines. The waves would be hundreds of feet high that would wipe out entire countries. it would be devastation potentially on a similar scale as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

 To be honest, this is the more likely scenario most of the Earth’s surface is the ocean. so the fact the asteroid that hit 65 million years ago hit the Yucatan Peninsula was rare it’s safe to say life as we know. it would be over knowing what kind of devastation would be imminent in the event of an asteroid collision. do you need to start saying your prayers now should you go out and buy that jet ski you’ve had your eye on because who cares at this point well luckily this is one disaster that 2020 won’t end up. bringing the chances of this particular asteroid coming into contact with the earth are slim to none at its closest approach to our planet. it will still be about 3.9 million miles away that’s over 16 times the average distance between the earth and our Moon. while that’s far away enough to where it won’t pose any kind of danger to us. it’s still very close in astronomical terms the only reason NASA has classified it as potentially hazardous is due to the criteria in place which the asteroid fulfills under the criteria. an asteroid is potentially hazardous if it comes within 4.6 million miles of Earth’s orbit. the only way the asteroid would hit earth is if there have been massive miscalculations from NASA. but seeing as how that’s extremely unlikely. we’ll all be safe after April 29th we won’t be done with the asteroid. quite yet it’ll fly by Earth’s orbit again on May 18, 2031, but this time it will be 12 million miles away. it will have flybys again in 2048 and 2060 – the next time it will get even kind of close to the planet will be on April 16, 2079. when it will only be 1.1 million miles away from the earth. when the news of this particular asteroid first broke the story went viral with people worrying about the possibility of this rock ending all life on the planet. however, those fears were likely based on people reading the headlines of the articles and not the articles themselves. because they all explained how the huge asteroid would be closed in regards to other asteroids but doesn’t pose any threat at all. asteroids come into Earth’s atmosphere all the time most of them are small. so they break up before hitting the ground for the few that do make it to the ground they typically result in minimal damage. there really aren’t any asteroids that pose a danger to significant life on Earth any time soon. but that doesn’t mean our planet is out of the clear entirely. it is a statistical certainty that the earth will be hit with a massive asteroid again similar to the one that took out the dinosaurs. just take it from my gurnard the principal investigator for NASA’s extreme environment Mission Operations who is quoted as saying one day the earth will get hit by a large asteroid. whether that’s in 50 years or in 100 million years. luckily for all of us, there are several protections in place for starters the planet Jupiter acts as a kind of protector over our planet. its strong gravitational pull brings some comets away from Earth which ends up colliding with the giant planet. 

      NASA and the European Space Agency are hard at work finding solutions for potentially hazardous space objects. not only do these organizations consistently monitor the sky for anything that could pose a threat but they are working on possible solutions to either reroute or destroy asteroids. if one was ever on a collision course with earth although there’s no word yet on if any of those plans entail sending a team of drillers to plant explosives on the asteroid. now that you know the asteroid coming on April 29th poses no threat to us. you may be curious as to whether you’ll be able to see it for starters. you’ll need to be ready to wake up early the asteroid will come into view at 5:56 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. additionally, you won’t be able to see it with the naked eye. you’ll need at least a six-inch or 8-inch telescope to be able to see the asteroid moving in front of the stars in the sky. you’ll also ideally want a 26 or 27-millimeter eyepiece which is generally recommended for watching asteroids move in slow motion. after you wake up and have all the equipment you’ll need you’ll want to point your telescope toward the constellation Hydra. at that point, you’ll need to watch for the object moving for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes. until it can no longer be seen it is a lot of work but for space enthusiasts, it’s a unique opportunity there will be more asteroids you’ll be able to see with a telescope in the next few years. the asteroid Apophis will fly extremely close to Earth in 2029. if you can’t wait that long then you’ll want to mark your calendar for June of 2024 that’s when asteroid 4 1 5 0 to 9 will come by a massive asteroid tends to hit the earth once every 50 to 100 million years. considering the last one of the signs came 65 million years ago it’s entirely possible another asteroid won’t come by for several more million years. who knows by that time there’s a good chance something else will have come by to take us all out by then. for now, don’t believe everything you read online. April 29th will come and go and on April 30th humanity will still be here until the next viral story trends saying how we’re all going to die to be sure to read our other articles that must useful for you because of April 29th, 2020 will not the last day on earth.

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